Memory Match

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Shake the States

Pardon the scroll bar. Scroll to the right, click the “Play” button, and drag the states to their proper locations.

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The Queen and the Soldier

I saw this posted on Paul Krugman’s blog:

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The Climate Reality Project

The Reality is that we are now seeing a very clear causal relationship between climate change and unusually numerous and severe weather events around the world.

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Spirit Rover Mission Officially Ended Today

Video of a dust devil on Mars, photographed by the Mars rover Spirit. The counter in the bottom-left corner indicates time in seconds after the first photo was taken in the sequence. At the final frames, one can see that the dust devil has left a trail on the Martian surface. Three other dust devils also appear in the background.

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This won’t take long, watch:

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President Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner – May 1, 2011

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This is Good, Dog

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A good friend recently reminded me of a Harry Chapin concert we attended many many years ago (did I mention many?) in Denver – about the time that Kathie and I were just getting to know one another. I found this video on YouTube of a Harry Chapin song that sort of encapsulates where we are life right now. Kathie and I in retirement, our three kids all embarking on new endeavors that will no doubt have a big impact on the stories of their lives.

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Climategate – Crock of the Week

You be the judge:

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