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We didn’t cut the clematis down to the ground last fall like we usually do (out of laziness, not intent). Based on this spring’s results, it appears to have worked out ok.…

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Roaring River Fishing

Yesterday, Will and I spent part of the day fishing at the Roaring River Trout Park near Cassville, MO. This park incorporates several miles of the Roaring River immediately downstream of where it originates as a 25 million gallon/day spring. …

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Hammons Field

We wanted to attend at least one Springfield Cardinals minor league game in Springfield (about 1 1/2 hours from us) before we moved. It was a good day for baseball – early spring, sun shining, home team won.…

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If you found this staring you in the face from a foot away while you are eating dinner on the couch, what would you do?

Doofus stare

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K-T Boundary – Update

It seems that a panel of 41 scientific researchers (see the article abstract for a listing of participants), after studying all of the evidence for various dinosaur demise theories, have recently published an article in Science Magazine that concludes that …

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