The Trailer

Ok, so I didn’t quite find a trailer for “less than $200″. But I came close. After following a few dead ends in a futile search for a good $100 trailer, I found this one for $225. Although we haven’t fitted it to the boat yet, it really seems like a solid trailer that will work great for our needs. Very solidly constructed, robust leaf springs, good tires, a winch, plenty of rollers, a set of configurable bunks, and the seller threw in a couple of guide-ons (not pictured below) that we can adapt if necessary. The trailer is exactly 14 ft long so we don’t have any excess length to deal with in parking or storing it. Have not gotten the light system to completely work yet (just bought the trailer yesterday) but the wiring looks solid and I really like the custom-made tail lights, very cool looking and located out of the way on the fenders. All in all, I’m really happy with this purchase and our total outlay is still only $425 for boat, motor, and trailer. We’ll probably be around $500 to get the whole thing together and running – not counting customizations like decks, new paint, etc. I’ve ordered the needed parts for the motor. Getting that running will really determine whether we have done as well cost-wise as we think we have.

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