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The Trailer

Ok, so I didn’t quite find a trailer for “less than $200″. But I came close. After following a few dead ends in a futile search for a good $100 trailer, I found this one for $225. Although we haven’t …

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Jon Boat

Will and I have been looking for a used Jon boat to fish the rivers around here – especially some of the larger tailwaters such as those below Bull Shoals, Beaver, and Norfork reservoirs. We were looking for a 14′ …

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Roaring River Fishing

Yesterday, Will and I spent part of the day fishing at the Roaring River Trout Park near Cassville, MO. This park incorporates several miles of the Roaring River immediately downstream of where it originates as a 25 million gallon/day spring. …

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Norfolk River

Caught on a Countdown Rapala. First time I’ve used spinning gear in awhile.…

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More Bass…

…caught on crawdad patterns and sliders in Sugar Creek.

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Digger Activities

Digger and rat snake.

The sinuous object on the right is a garden hose, the one on the left is a rat snake. This was taken right after the Digger received a poofy haircut. She really is not a foo-foo dog. She’s a squirrel-catching, …

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Growing up fishing for trout, where matching color to the real thing is considered important, I’m still fascinated that I can fish a chartreuse crawdad to overcome dirty water/darkness, and it will actually catch fish.

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Waterton Canyon

We took a vacation to Colorado, my home state, earlier this month. Lots of running around, and I only got to fish for about 1.5 hours in the Waterton Canyon section of the South Platte River.

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Recent Fishing

Recent fishing trips. I’m really starting to understand the importance of crawdads here in the Ozarks. I’ve heard the smallmouth will eat almost nothing else during the summer. On a trip down the North Fork of the White in Missouri, …

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Creek Hopping

Not having a boat and outboard, and the trout tailwaters being too high to wade effectively, and given my limited tolerance for the overregulation and vast herds of fisherman sporting mullets and Powerbait jars at the trout parks, my fishing …

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